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God is For Us


Written by A. W. Tozer (1897-1963), a pastor, author, magazine editor, and spiritual mentor.

The Scriptures tell us the whole story. Not only have we sinned, but our moral revolt has alienated us from God. Some people still like to protest God’s right to banish the transgressor from His presence forever. They insist upon forming and holding their own humanistic views of God. For that reason, I say, let’s clear away some of these weeds! First, there is the old idea that Jesus Christ, the Son, differs from God the Father. People conceive Christ to be a loving Jesus on our side while an angry Father God is against us. Never, never in all of history has there been any truth in that notion. Christ, being God, is for us. The Father, being God, is for us. The Holy Spirit, being God, is for us! That is one of the greatest thoughts we can ever hope to think. That is why the Son came to die for us. That is why the risen Son, our great High Priest, is at the right hand of the Majesty on high, praying for us. Christ is our advocate above. The Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts is the advocate within. There is no disagreement between Father, Son and Spirit about the Church, the body of Christ.


This prayer is a collect, traditionally associated with Trinity Sunday.

Almighty and eternal God,
you have revealed yourself
as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
and live and reign in the perfect unity of love:
hold us firm in this faith,
that we may know you in all your ways
and evermore rejoice in your eternal glory,
who are three Persons in one God,
now and forever. Amen.

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