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Unconditional Love


The author wished to remain anonymous.

I have many wonderful memories of my mother.  She was a woman of many talents, very creative, industrious, energetic, generous, devoting herself to caring for many others.  She had the world’s greenest thumb, and our home was often full of the orchids she grew, and the outside garden was her master canvas.   She was also the most complicated person I ever knew.  Besides her many talents, she harbored a deep, abiding anger and sadness within her that colored her most inner self.  Somehow, as her youngest child, I was privy to that darker side that others could not see.  Emotional eruptions punctuated my childhood which I did not fully understand, but I learned to cope.

As a young mother myself, I had a learning experience that clarified my understanding of my mom, and I began to see the roots of her inner sadness which allowed me to have a forgiving spirit toward her.  As God revealed her truths to me, I loved my mother more compassionately, and I forgave.  Simultaneously, God taught me that his unconditional love brings me and all of us potential forgiveness. God forgives us in spite of our imperfections, in spite of ourselves.  Unconditional love brought Christ to an excruciating cross to save us before we even knew we needed salvation.  God knows us so well; his love offers compassion and forgiveness even though unearned.  That eternal love continues to this day and is all around us.  It is the emblem we bear as creatures of his kingdom.  Happy Easter.


Written by Mary Leonora Wilson, a contemporary author and nun.

Lord Jesus, in your suffering, as in all of your life, you are my Teacher. Let me never take my eyes off you but learn from you how I should live. Teach me the way of forgiveness and compassion. Amen.


Lord, I Want To Be a Christian:   Performed by The Antrim Mennonite Choir.

The hymn was written by the Scottish Rev. Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847) in 1847, when he was dying of tuberculosis.

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