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Written by Joanne Melton.

Mother-in-law….three simple words and two hyphens.  For some, this “threesome” can represent angst, discomfort and disagreement.  To others it can mean companionship, friendship and true blessings. My “true blessing” is my mother-in-law, Elsie Aline Black Melton. Elsie was born and raised in Georgia, married, and raised two daughters and a son. While Robert and I were dating, Elsie graciously included me in many a Saturday or Sunday on the porch to enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by her hands.  There were homemade biscuits, sliced ripe red tomatoes, creamed corn fresh off the cob, butter beans, a fruit cobbler and always sweet tea! Elsie and I would sit together on the porch and shuck corn, string the beans, and hull peas. This was our time.  We got to know one another pretty well.  This true Southern Lady would share stories about growing up, things about her children, what was happening at Sunday School classes, and her adventures of traveling to many wonderful places. She was an accomplished seamstress and each Easter and Christmas she would make dresses for her granddaughters.  It gave her such joy to know how proud they were that she made them! Elsie was an elegant, charming woman who spoke with a soft Southern accent. She showed such grace and humility in all that she did. My mother-in-law blessed my life in ways I still hold dear.  Elsie remains a true blessing now and forever.


This prayer is transcribed from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Father, God, in Thy mercy, in Thy love,

Be Thou with us now.

For we know and we speak of Thy love.

And help us then to put away, for the hour,

The cares of this life; that we may know in truth

That the spirit and the lamb say, “Come.”

Let them that hear also say, “Come.”

Let all that will, come and drink of the water of life.


The Holy City:   Performed by Stanford Olsen and the Tabernacle Choir

The hymn was written in 1892 by Frederic Weatherly (1848-1929) It became the single most popular song of the 19th century, selling a million copies in sheet music. This was a favorite hymn of Elsie Melton of today’s meditation.

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