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Lenten Prayers

It’s been awhile since I added to this site.  I am inspired by the coming Lenten season to change this and return to a practice of spiritual writing. Lent begins this coming Wednesday (March 1) with Ash Wednesday.

Lent is a time to prepare for the miracle of Easter.  It is a season of imitating the practices and teachings of Jesus and traditionally includes activities of  fasting, self-denial, spiritual growth, conversion, and simplicity.  Lent represents a time for taking spiritual inventory and then addressing those things that hinder our relationship with Jesus. Prayer, charitable service, scripture reading and fasting are common practices associated with the Lenten season since these disciplines help enrich our spiritual lives.

I have decided that this Lent I wanted to explore prayer.  I have been researching historical Lenten prayer and want to share some of the beautiful prayers I have discovered each day of Lent.  I hope that you will find the daily prayer that you read to be meaningful to you and that it will help you focus your attention on Christ during this important season.

The first prayer will be posted on Ash Wednesday.  Each day following, until Easter Sunday, I will post a new prayer.  I’ll provide a very short background about the author/source of the prayer – but the focus of each day will be the prayer itself.  I hope you find this meaningful and that you will forward to any friends that you think would like to participate.  I hope the prayers are inspiring and help you focus this season on your faith journey.


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