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Freedom From Shame


Written by Sheri Rose Shepherd, a contemporary pastor, speaker, and author.

David loved God with all his heart, but he blew it. He took another man’s wife, got her pregnant, then had her husband murdered. He hid behind his sin, thinking it would just go away on its own. But God loved David so much He sent a prophet to confront him so David could be forgiven and freed from shame. David paid a painful price for what he did when his first son with Bathsheba died. God’s grace was with David, however, and the second baby he had with Bathsheba is known today as King Solomon.

Don’t wait another day bound up in shame. Whatever makes you ashamed, confess it to your Father in heaven and let Him cleanse your soul. Your Father is waiting to free you from shame. He sent His one and only Son to prove His love and to cover our sin, our shame. We can’t make ourselves clean or become a new creation in our own strength. Our loving Father longs have us confess to Him so He can tenderly cleanse our soul of sin and make us as white as snow. If you are holding on to something, it’s time for you to see the cross as more than a symbol of your Savior’s death. When our Lord died and rose again, He broke forever the power of sin on our lives. Right now, take a moment to invite the Lord to search your heart for any unresolved sin from your past that continues to torment you. You can experience cleansing and freedom from this day forward! There is nothing else you need to do right now except rejoice. Now let faith rule your heart and your head, and whenever you begin to look back at who you were or feel shame again, speak out loud, “I am a new creation.” Then continue to ask God to help you receive all He has for you. You are forgiven whether you feel like it or not. So embrace it! Leave your past where it belongs…nailed to the cross.


This is a Puritan prayer from “The Valley of Vision,” a Puritan book of prayer.

I was dead in iniquities, having no eyes to see thee,

no ears to hear thee

no taste to relish thy joys

no intelligence to know thee;

But thy Spirit has quickened me,

has brought me into a new world as a new creature…

thou hast drawn me with cords of love.  Amen.

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