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Do Justice


Written by David Kool and Andrew Ryskamp, contemporary leaders of the “Faithward” mission. This is an excerpt from their article “How to Apply Micah 6:8 to Your Life.”

God tells us to “do justice.” Perhaps you struggle to know what it means to do justice. How did I do justice this past week? What does it look like? We have often defined justice by placing it primarily in a political, economic, or judicial realm. These definitions make it difficult to identify that we are doing justice on a regular basis. Where are our courts and police malfunctioning? What laws or practices allow for racial discrimination? What businesses take advantage of low-income people and charge them exorbitant interest rates? While these are indeed a part of social injustice, and we must fully engage in them, they can be distant from our daily lives. Our definition of justice is “to create a world where all people have equal opportunity to fully develop the gifts that God has placed within them.” While this does include the bigger political, judicial, and economic challenges we face, it can also include more basic activities, like a program that provides tutors so that kids in urban school settings have equal opportunities to learn to read as suburban kids. Justice is supporting an overwhelmed single parent who is struggling to find the time and resources to give adequate time to his or her children. Justice is taking in a foster child. Justice is employing a young person coming out of prison. Justice is a host of other activities that level the playing field and provide equal opportunity for all. Doing justice is also developmental, meaning that we don’t simply give things away to meet a need, but we help people help themselves. Using the well-known fishing metaphor, we don’t just give people a fish, but we teach them how to fish. In our daily lives, we all have the opportunity to do justice with actions that help people help themselves. In this, we are creating an environment where people can thrive and achieve their full potential. 


Written by Carrie Marrs, a contemporary writer and editor with a background in biblical theology and Christian ministry.

God, You’ve shown us what is good: to act justly and to do what is fair to others. You’ve sent Your Son to provide peace and the bond of true fellowship.

Open our eyes to the needs of others —of all the different types of people in this world. Lead us out of our comfort zones so we can bless and build bonds with people who are different from us. Lead us in respectful service toward one another, treating each other as brothers and sisters.

May we be instruments in Your hands as You bring Your kingdom of justice and peace. May we spread Your goodness and bring many to join us in living close to You in Your glory and love.


In These Days of Lenten Journey:   Performed by Chris Brunelle.

This song was written by Ricky Manalo in 1997.

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