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Written by Valerie Hess, a contemporary author. This is an excerpt from her book “Spiritual Disciplines Devotional.”

One fall my daughter participated in an exchange program, living in a small village in rural Alaska that was a primarily subsistence culture. The family she lived with made only twelve thousand dollars a year but was generous to a fault. They insisted on paying for everything. They had little, but they treated my daughter very well.  At the same time, another student I knew was in an exchange program and lived with a wealthier family. This family was stingy even with things like toilet paper and light bulbs. They wouldn’t even give this student a ride to school, which was a half-hour walk away, but they would wave as they drove past on the way to town! This is not to say all rich people are selfish and all poor people are generous because we know that isn’t true. The point is that our culture encourages us to acquire all we can while ignoring the needs of the people around us. All of us have things we can share with others, regardless of where we are in the economic strata. It is truly a question of attitude and not plentitude.


Written Mary Leonora Wilson, a contemporary nun and author.

Humble Savior, grant me the grace to see beyond the visible and to recognize your hidden presence in every person before me. Impress your virtue on my heart.


Make Room:  Performed by Community Music

This song was written by Community Music’s husband and wife worship leaders Lucas Cortazio and Evelyn Heideriqui and songwriters Josh Farro and Bekah White in 2018. It is a prayer for God to take the place that is rightfully His in our lives.

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