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Discipleship Experience


Written by Edward J. Farrell (1907-1993), a priest and author.  This is an excerpt from his book “Gathering the Fragments.”

A disciple experiences a joy and peace so deep within that he or she is compelled to share it with others. When this hidden mission begins to emerge in us, we find other people who also know that they have been haunted by Jesus and are drawn to each other to grow together in him. When we begin to follow Jesus, we allow him to live more consciously in our lives. In surprising and simple ways, he is always speaking to us. He is at the heart of the world and at the heart of each of us, especially at the fragile center where we are afraid—of ourselves, of others, of God. Fragile people are such a revelation of God.


Written by Meg Bucher, a contemporary writer and teacher.

Father, this is the day you have made, so let us rejoice and be glad in it. You know what today will bring, and what tomorrow’s needs will be. If we awake to breathe today, we can be assured it is with great purpose, in order to bring glory and honor to You, the One True God. Jesus, our Savior, Friend, and Redeemer, it is through You we come to the Father, and spread the love of the Gospel. Remind us, through Your Spirit who convicts and comforts us, of your truth.

In moments when we find ourselves slumped into the places we land when things unravel, we know you meet us there in comfort and to supply the strength we need to stand again. Use our lives as vessels of love and truth. Let us see ourselves through the lens of faith, and the Father’s purposeful perspective. The author of Hebrews reminds us not to neglect to do good and share what we have, because such sacrifices are pleasing to You, Father.

We know all good things come from You, and You make good, all things. Let us share in the good works you have prepared for us, by the outflowing of our faith in Christ, to the people You have placed in our lives. We pray for Your favor, God, and Your protective embrace, as we look out into the world to do good and share what we have.

In Jesus’ powerful name we pray,  Amen.

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