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The Holy Pattern


Written by James E. Loder (1931-2001), American professor of Christian Education and author.

The pattern should be clear. When serenity comes up out of anxiety, joy out of depression, hope out of hopelessness; when good is returned for evil, forgiveness replaces retaliation, and courage triumphs over fear; then we recognize the movement of something beyond the personality and mental health. Such profound manifestations of the human spirit are the faces of the fourth dimension, which I have called the Holy.


Written by Aaron Brown, a contemporary writer, teacher, and visual artist.

Heavenly Father, I remember the days when people once hugged one another. I remember the days of visiting loved ones and sitting close. Those days feel like a long time ago. Now, people spout hateful messages online. Those who once spoke of love now speak of hate all in the name of politics. People war against each other based on political parties and political ideas. Pleasant words have been replaced with crass debate. We seem to have forgotten how to love one another. Maybe we have lost sight of you. Maybe we don’t even love ourselves. Please remind us how to love you. Please remind us how to love ourselves. Show us once again how to love one another as we love ourselves. Teach us the correct way to behave in person or online when talking about politics or anything. Make us believe that love is possible in all scenarios. Let us recognize and remember the benefits of caring for others, and how you bless us according to our good deeds. Amen.

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