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Reflection on Anna


Written by Joye Smith, a contemporary author.

Night after night. Day after day. Anna was there at the temple, worshiping God by fasting and praying. We read of Anna in Luke 2:36-38 as part of the story about baby Jesus when he was presented at the temple at 8 days old. We are told that Anna was a prophetess, and she had been a widow for many years. Night and day she was at the temple, seeking God in prayer. Anna had seen much heartache in her life. She had become a widow as a young woman. She lived in a time when there were many difficulties. I’m sure there were many sleepless nights for Anna, and many days of uncertainty. Yet she continued to cling to God in expectation of redemption. When she saw the baby Jesus, she added her testimony to that of Simeon’s that this child was the One they looked forward to as the Messiah. Anna’s example encourages us to continue seeking God in prayer. Through the sleepless nights and uncertain days. To give thanks to God for His presence in our lives. As we pray, to thank Him that Christ is our Savior and therefore we look forward to eternal life with Him. We must also be relentless in praying for the lost world of our time, praying that people would come to know redemption through Jesus. Keep on praying faithfully. Night after night. Day after day.

SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:36-38


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