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Reflection on Camels


Written by Joyce Meyer, a contemporary author and speaker.

We all remember the Christmas story: how Jesus was born of Mary in a stable and laid in a manger, how the Wise Men came from the east following a star that led them to the Holy Child, how they came in and worshiped Him, laying before Him precious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. In this story, we see that Mary and Joseph didn’t go out seeking gifts. Although they were forced to spend the night in a cold, dark stable, they didn’t send out messages asking for gifts. But because they were in the middle of God’s will, He sent them wise men from the east mounted on camels loaded down with provisions. I once heard a sermon preached on this subject in a church in Minnesota. It was titled, “The Camels Are Coming.” The basic message was that if we are in the will of God, He will always bring our provision to us. We don’t have to try to chase it down; it will seek us out. We don’t have to try to make things happen; God will bring them to us. I believe the camels will come for each of us if we’ll stay in the will of God. The only way we can expect this kind of provision is by being faithful to stay where He’s placed us and do the work He has given us to do for His kingdom’s sake. When we begin to believe this, we’re free to cast our care on Him. We don’t have to stay up all night fretting and worrying, trying to figure out what to do to take care of ourselves. We can simply deposit ourselves with God… and watch for the camels.

SCRIPTURE: 1 Timothy 6:17

MUSIC VIDEO: He Is the Gift

Performed by Shawna Belt Edwards

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