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Yes of the Heart


Written by Grace Adophsen Brame, a contemporary author, professor, lecturer, singer, and retreat leader who integrates spirituality and theology. This is an excerpt from her book, “Faith, the Yes of the Heart.”

When Luther wrote, “Faith is the yes of the heart, a confidence on which one stakes one’s life,” he was saying faith is a response of the whole self to God. It is not just our words: the creeds we confess, the prayers we pray, the way we argue our faith, or what we say in  teaching our children. It is not just our works and deeds: our faithful attendance at church, our participation on committees, or our acts of love toward others.  This yes is an inner assent of the will. It is a willingness to receive the grace and guidance of God. It can be so deep and far-reaching as to cause a real conversion of life, a real repentance, a turning around to go in a completely new direction. It always involves, says Luther, the daily death of the person we have been in order to fulfill our reason for being alive: to accomplish God’s will in our time and place.


Written by Susie Larson, a contemporary author, speaker, and radio host.

Lord, I know that You have forgiven me for my sins. I thank You for Your unconditional love and grace. I am truly repentant and wish to overcome these tendencies. Now, Father, help me forgive myself. Erase my guilt and create a new heart within me. Amen.

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