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Finding Worth


Written by Marsha Sinetar, a contemporary organizational psychologist, mediator, and writer. This is an excerpt from her book “Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics.”

To find in ourselves what makes life worth living is risky business, for it means that once we know we must seek it. It also means that without it life will be valueless. More than just a few find their most valued selves despite the risk, although the majority seem to be…people who don’t wish to make any trouble—not even the kind that’s expected. The majority shrewdly stay dull to what in them is life and has meaning. A few brave souls, however, do look within and are so moved by what they find that they sacrifice, from then on, whatever is necessary to bring that self into being.


Written by Meg Bucher, a contemporary writer and teacher.

We praise you, our God and Creator, for the wonderful plans you have for our lives. When we are tempted to compare, and become dissatisfied with our status in this life, may we seek you first before wallowing in what we wish to achieve and accomplish in this world. Protect our minds and guard our hearts against the battlefield of comparison. As we search for a more meaningful life, let us seek more of you. Amen.

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