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Written by Jill Briscoe, a contemporary author, educator, and speaker.

Many people start out seeking, but deep down they aren’t willing to bow to anyone. So even if they find Christ, their search will hold little satisfaction for them. Not so with the magi. They took their search to its logical conclusion. With wisdom and passion, they followed their clues and found the truth—the Christ child. When they found Jesus, they fell at His feet and worshiped Him. Their search may have begun out of sheer intellectual curiosity, but it ended in worship. As part of their worship, the magi brought very valuable gifts to Jesus. Gold was a gift worthy of Christ’s royalty. Frankincense was a gift to honor His deity. The bitter myrrh marked His humanity. Once they found who they were looking for, they didn’t hold back.

Sometimes we search, but we’re unwilling to open our lives to God once we find Him. We withhold our love, our honesty, our past, our pride, our future. What was at stake for these wise men? Do you really think they expected to find the infant son of a peasant couple to be the King of the Jews? What might it mean to them politically to worship another human being in such unimpressive circumstances? What were they opening themselves up for, having acknowledged that this child held a position superior to them? Yet they set aside all these possibilities and gave their gifts. Each of us in one way or another is searching and seeking. We must be wise in our seeking, seek wholeheartedly, and respond willingly and honestly to the truth we find. I pray that this Christmas season you will make room in your heart for seeking and worshipping the King.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 2:9-12

MUSIC VIDEO: For This is Christmas (Wise Men Still Seek Him)

Performed by Erica Soelsinger

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