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Written by Sheri Rose Shepherd, a contemporary Christian author, speaker, and humorist.

I believe if The Lord was going to write you a personal letter about battles this life brings it may read like this….

My Child, the enemy of your soul wants to divide you against members of your own family. If you’re not careful, you will end up falling prey to his plan of attack and wound loved ones. Even if you win the argument, you will lose if you’re not fighting for the good of the relationship. Before you engage or entangle yourself in a war you cannot win with words, stop and call out to Me. When you feel anger welling up inside, remember that love is your greatest weapon in any conflict. Because your flesh will fail, you will need to be controlled by the power of My Holy Spirit. Remember you are a family–My family. You are on the same team and fighting the same enemy. So, fight by doing what is right in my sight, and you will win.  Love, your Heavenly Father

It’s not who you’re fighting with, it’s what you’re fighting for that matters.


Written by Rachel Wojnarowski, a contemporary author, speaker, and writer.

Dear Father, When I look up to you in this moment,
I feel like I can only see stars. My angry heart is frustrated and I can’t understand the situation. In a world where things are messy and hurtful, today’s circumstance just makes me angry and I find myself asking “Why?” Help me, Lord. I need you. I need the reminder that I am not the one in control, and although others may seem out of control, You are always in control. I need the reminder that while my heart is fighting a battle, though others may intend to do evil, You make everything good. May your glorious grace flood my heart to wash away the madness. May your redeeming love replace my anger, flowing through me as a light on a hill, shining brightly for you. Again. Amen.

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