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Written by Edward J. Ferrell, a contemporary pastor and author. This is an excerpt from his book “Gathering the Fragments.”

When was the last time you spent a week with Jesus? Imagine a week – seven sunrises and seven sunsets—resting with Jesus, perhaps wrestling with him a bit, becoming reacquainted with him, with yourself. Like Eucharist, a retreat is a time of remembrance, a time to experience unity and continuity.


Written by Emilie Griffin, a contemporary American author who writes about religious experience and spiritual life.

Lord Jesus, I want to feel your presence in my life. Teach me to set aside agendas and objectives so that I may spend time extravagantly with you. Let me seek the peace of going nowhere in particular, doing nothing in particular, but resting in your love. And may I know also the love that is reflected in concrete ways, in fellowship and community. Help me to put love at the center of everything. Amen.

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