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Written by Lloyd John Ogilvie (1930-2019), a Presbyterian minister who served as Chaplain of the US Senate.  This is an excerpt from his book “Radiance of the Inner Splendor.”

When Dante appeared at the Franciscan monastery door, a monk opened the door and asked him what he wanted. “Peace!” was Dante’s one word answer. That eventually became the Lord’s gift to him when he learned to wait, pray, and listen. Later, in The Divine Comedy, he wrote hisoft quoted line, “In His will is our peace.” The refreshment of Christ is peace to replace our impatience. Christ is peace. Christ is patience. We could never produce these graces in our own strength in the quantities they are needed in our families and our world. But we do have access to an unlimited stockpile of patience because the same spirit that enabled Christ is in us.


Written by Ausin Fleming, a contemporary priest and author.

Lord, it’s likely that sometime today

someone will push my buttons

challenge my good will

misread my intentions

tick me off

try my patience

rattle my cage

judge me in haste

test my kindness

or do all of the above…

Give me the grace I’ll need at such times

to respond with patience

to trust and accept

to listen carefully

to reach out in peace

to be fair and just

to anctipate goodness

in all my words and deeds…

I know this is a lot to ask, Lord,

but I need your help

to do for others

as I’d have them do for me…


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