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Written by Gustavo Gutierrez, a contemporary Peruvian philosopher, theologian and Dominican priest.  This is an excerpt from his book “We Drink From Our Own Wells.”

The initial encounter with the Lord is the starting point of a following or discipleship.  The journeying that ensues is what Paul calls “walking according to the Spirit” (Romans 8:4). It is also what we today speak of as a spirituality. The term “spirituality” is a relatively recent one in the history of the church. It came into use around the beginning of the seventeenth century in French religious circles at a time that saw a wealth of contributions and works on the subject. Everything that had to do with Christian perfection fell under the heading of spiritual life, whereas reflection of the subject yielded to spiritual theology.  Every great spirituality is connected with the great historical movement of the age in which it was formulated. This linkage is not to be understood in the sense of mechanical dependence, but the following of Jesus is something that penetrates deeply into the course of human history.


Written by Kevin Halloran, a contemporary pastor who is working with the Unlocking the Bible ministry.

Lord, I long to walk by Your Spirit, continually communing with You in the Triune community of love that I can access by the blood of Your Son. I long to know You more and be used by You to minister the gospel to a world that desperately needs You.

Make my thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions testify beautifully that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me. May Your truth mightily flow from my lips for the encouragement of the discouraged, the edification of Your body, and the evangelization of the lost. May the way I live, lead, and love make Your grace obvious, praised, and greatly treasured. Amen.

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