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Draw Close to God


Written by Thomas R. Hawkins, a contemporary author and retired university professor and pastor.  This is an excerpt from his book “The Potter and the Clay.”

The closer we draw to others, the closer we draw to God. The farther away we move from God, the farther we move from others…When we are willing to abandon ourselves and to fling ourselves outward in compassion and in service, we find that we have made room not just for others in our lives but also for God in our hearts. The energy that we had massed in our own little center is spent on others, leaving an open space where God may enter. From this same God-infused center also flows the renewing energy that allows us to keep loving and serving in the world. This is why John Wesley affirmed that true faith issues in good works. It is also why Baron von Hugel ordered his spiritual directee, Evelyn Underhill, to serve several days a week in a skid row soup kitchen when she was having trouble with her spiritual life. True obedience, then is both a listening to what we hear within us and to what we hear beyond us. It is being attentive to those we encounter in our daily lives. It is creating the empty, open space within us where we can hear God speak.


Written by Izwe Nkosi, a contemporary South African author, passionate about worship and prayer.

Lord, I yield to your invitation to be one of your donkeys. To embrace being unimpressive. To make space for the gentle power of your presence with me in the ordinary moments of my day. Amen.

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