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Written by Macrina Wiederkehr, a contemporary Christian author. This is an excerpt from her book “A Tree Full of Angels.”

Every time I say no to the birthing and dying that is set before me at the table of daily life, I seem to hear the echo of Jesus’ words to the woman at the well, “if you but knew the gift of God…” Whether God weeps at the beauty and potential of our lives at birth, or the lost potential of graced moments along the way, I hear that voice urging us to claim our splendor and our glory, “If you but knew the gift of God…”  The gift of God is the Divine Indwelling. It comes quietly into your frailty at baptism. You become a tabernacle for the Source of Life. When you come to understand this old yet often forgotten truth, you will know what is meant by the words “heaven on earth.” This is it! You are beginning to live heaven on earth in the Divine Indwelling. You, frail earth-creature, having given your frailty over to God, have created a place of splendor within the depths of your being, a holy and eternal space where you meet God face to face. Cherish this truth. It is costly grace.


This prayer is from the Lord’s Leaven Mission Society.

My Lord and my God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I believe that You are dwelling in spirit in the deepest center of my soul. I adore You, I love You and I trust in You; for You are the source of my being and my life in all that I think, say and do. Help me to see You in the heart of others, and see the reflection of You in everything that You have made. Help me to understand the things I cannot change. May Your name be praised, blessed and glorified forevermore. Amen.​

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