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Written by Maria Boulding (1929-2009), an English nun, writer, and translator. This is an excerpt from her book “The Coming of God.”

The listening which can go on all day amid a variety of occupations is concentrated when we give up time to be alone with God in prayer. Prayer is an exposure to the reality of God. For those who pray regularly the time may come fairly soon when particular thoughts or words no longer seem to help. Prayer seems to have gone dead. The relationship is moving into a new phase, and you have to learn to change gear. At other times you may be able to find as much inspiration as ever in the Scriptures, in thinking about God and in the experiences that generally mediate his word to you, but when you try any of this in the time of prayer, you have the impression that this and real prayer are mutually exclusive. To be spending the time on that is somehow to dodge the issue. This can be a distressing and disconcerting experience, but it may be another “creative disintegration” and the way through to contemplative prayer.  Provided that you are refusing God nothing, you can probably trust the inclination to let it ride a bit. Wait in silence, attentiveness, stillness, just aware of God in some dim way and of your need of [God], but without particular efforts to formulate ideas or words, except perhaps just to bring yourself gently back when you stray. It is baffling and disconcerting, but in some way all-important to you to stay there like that in darkness and quiet.


Written by Jacquie Riker, a contemporary pastor.

In the joy of your heart, Your light remains.

In the gift of your caring, Your light remains

Where you reached out to help, Your light remains.

Where you sat in silent peace, Your light remains.

In the place where you worked, Your light remains

In the stillness of the starry night, Your light remains

In the light of each day fully embraced, Your light remains.

Like the touch of an Angel, Your light remains.

When you live as a light, Your heart is joined in the Infinite Light of Love.

And that about you which is eternal … remains.

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