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Cork of Hope


Written by Neal Carlson, a contemporary retired pastor and author. This is an excerpt from his book “Words for Courageous Living.”

We live on what is called the Central Cost (of California. We love the ocean. Before we moved here, we would take annual vacation trips to this little seacoast town of Cayucos. Always we are impressed with the waves—which speak of the majesty and power of God and the sand, which the Bible says God put there for a boundary. Five miles south of us is the town of Morro Bay. Being on a bay it has boating facilities, a Coast Guard unit, and several piers that are used by local fishermen. On one of my walks on what is called the “T” pier, I noticed a variety of nets on the boats. I also noticed heavy lead weights. I thought, “Wow, these weights are heavy. If I were a net I would not like these weights. They would keep me down.” But I also noticed that there were corks. Now, that was a contrast, huh? Follow me. If there were only weights—the net would stay down. If there were only corks—the net would stay up. Strange? One would let it float, one would let it sink. BUT when properly balanced, the net gets to do what the net is supposed to do. My friend, I know that you have some duties, you have some disciplines, these are weights. You have some distasteful circumstances in your life. These weights can tend to keep you down, but there is hope. I want to send hope into your life. It is this hope that can keep you boyant. It is this hope that will not let you be defeated.


Written by the author of today’s meditation, Neal Carlson.

I ask God, in the name of Jesus, that you encourage this reader in a remarkable way. Give them the cork of hope for the weights of difficulties. In this way, they can perform their special function in life, just as does the net. Amen.

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