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Written by Ken Weliever, a contemporary pastor and author.

There’s an old fable that one day the devil was having a sale, hawking his many diabolical tools of the trade. Each of the devil’s tools was on display with its price tag attached—tools such as the arrow of jealousy, the hammer of anger, and the dagger of worry. His tools also included the slingshot of doubt and the axe of hatred, along with numerous others. But one tool was displayed prominently on a pedestal high above the others. It was dented and worn with use. A curious shopper inquired about the price and why such an old and worn tool was displayed so visibly. “Ah, yes,” said the devil, “THAT’S THE WEDGE OF DISCOURAGEMENT. It is my favorite tool of all. It’s so easy to use and hardly takes any effort. All I have to do is get the very tip of the wedge into my victim and the rest is easy. Once the wedge is in, I just tap it ever so slightly and it slides in deeper and deeper. Sometimes I don’t have to do anything—my victims drive the wedge in all by themselves!” “A small opening soon becomes a gaping crack, making room for the rest of my tools. Before you know it, my wedge has completely split a person’s dreams, hopes, and aspirations in two. That’s why the wedge of discouragement commands such a high price—because it’s my most effective tool. It has opened more doors for me than all my other tools combined.” Indeed discouragement is a universal problem. None of us are exempt. It affects the young and the aged. Rich and poor. Male and female. Even faithful Christians like preachers, pastors, and Bible teachers. Maybe this is why God places a high value on encouragement. It is important to our Christian walk and to our ability to remain faithful. Christianity was never meant to be a solo act. We are not created to go it alone. We need each other… Look around for a discouraged friend, family member, or fellow Christian that needs some encouragement. You won’t have to look very long. Then lend a hand. Share your heart. Pour some encouragement into their soul.


Written by Dawn Wilson, a contemporary author and director of Heart Choices Today.

Father, sometimes I feel afraid in the tough trials of life. Sometimes the darkness overwhelms me, and I grow discouraged as I face the uncertainties of life, wearying temptations, or scary attacks from the enemy. But this is not what you have for me, and my victory comes from you. Satan wants me to believe I fight my spiritual battles by myself. Help me remember I am not alone in my battles. Your Word is clear. You have commanded me to be strong and take courage in you, and that is my desire. I can count on your presence wherever I go, and rely on the power and provision of your presence in my times of deepest need. Thank you for being near, for walking with me every day. Amen.

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