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How God’s Grace Works


Written byGary Abud, Jr., a contemporary educator and teacher.  This is excerpted from his article “God Pursued Me and Transformed Every Part of My Life.”

I am a double cornea transplant recipient, which stemmed from a childhood eye disease that took my sight in my late teens. And to get a cornea transplant, someone had to die so they could donate their eye tissue—it was something I couldn’t have done myself. It was a gift I did nothing to earn, and one I could not repay to the family members of my donor. Quite literally someone had to lose their son in order that I could have my sight back. Reading about the life and death of the Son of God in Jesus the King prompted me to look back on my eye surgery and recognize exactly how God’s grace worked and what Jesus did for me in a very personal way. 


Written by Dominic of Osma (1170-1221), a Castilian priest and founder of the Dominican order.


May God the Father who made us bless us.

May God the Son send his healing among us.

May God the Holy Spirit move within us and

give us eyes to see with, and ears to hear with,

and hands that your work might be done.

May we walk and preach the word of God to all.

May the angel of peace watch over us and lead us at last by God’s grace to the Kingdom.  Amen.

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