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Fruit That Abounds


Written by Os Hillman, a contemporary speaker, author, and consultant on faith at work.

The apostle Paul had a tent-making business. However, over time, it was evident that more and more of his time was being given to vocational ministry activities. That required him to receive income from those to whom he invested his life. It became increasingly difficult to run a business and travel and minister. His letter to the Philippians (Philippians 4:14-19) gives us a perspective on giving. Although Paul appreciated the support financially, his real joy came in the fact that their gift was being credited to their Heavenly account. Paul had a confidence that God would always provide what he needed. Sometimes it came from his business. Sometimes it came through others. He was not overly concerned with where his provision would come from. His confidence was in God, his provider. So, his attitude was in affirming the benefit that came to the giver from a Kingdom perspective. Paul learned that it wasn’t a church or a business that was his provider. It was God. These were merely tools God used to support him.


Written by John Birch, a contemporary author on Celtic and other prayer.

Bless the givers,

eyes open

for those in need

of prayer,



a little time,

the gift of love.

In the act of giving

and receiving

may both be blessed. Amen.

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