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Written by Amanda Idleman, a contemporary author.

Contentment from the bible is usually associated with moderation, a sense of God’s guidance and readiness for obedience. The definition of contentment is the state of being satisfied or the source of satisfaction. How many of us find ourselves longing to be content with our lives, bodies, marriages, finances, circumstances, personalities, faith, and stories that we have been given? Envy, ungratefulness, comparison, and fear are the things that stop us from living with contentment. Contentment is not a static state of being. It’s the active pursuit of the life God has just for YOU. It’s being ready to be obedient to God’s guidance in every season. It requires laser focus on what God has for you without being distracted by what could be instead. Contentment means we have to abandon the pursuit of perfection and instead strive for God’s beauty and redemption in our lives. Seeing God’s beauty often takes a change in mindset and not circumstances.  This may look like appreciating the way your body has served you even if it’s not in perfect shape, it can be choosing to show love to your husband even though you experienced many seasons of struggle together, or focusing on the ways you are growing rather than obsessing over your failures. Letting go of the pride that says “I have to or I need to” can be one of the hardest things for believers to do. Yet, this is the type of surrender we are called to. Our lives are no longer our own, we are a new creation in Christ!  Contentment is a posture. It’s being in the presence of God first before we pursue action. It’s strategic stillness in our lives so we can have the right focus. Contentment feels like a strong sense of faith that your life is only possible because you are connected to your Creator. It’s living as though He is your strength and portion!  Contentment is a gift. It often can be a fleeting feeling of rightness in a moment or a season. The enemy is always working to steal our peace and push into our minds another reason to doubt, fear, worry, or need. God gives us the gift of assurance, peace, joy, of knowing we are in his will and that we are loved. Even though it can be hard to find contentment in our lives, it is a good gift worth pursuing. Pause to consider how you can cultivate more contentment in your life. How can you better model for your children peace and “enoughness” in a culture that screams more, more, more! What words communicate that God is enough for you, that your life is His, and while you are always moving forward, you are never asked to strive. You just have to walk hand-in-hand with Him. That is all that is required of you. 


Written by John Wesley (1703-1791), an English cleric, theologian and evangelist who was a leader of a revival movement within the Church of England known as Methodism.

Compose our spirits to a quiet and steady dependence on your good providence, that we may take no thought for our life, nor be anxious for anything, but by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, still make known our requests to you our God. And help us to pray always and not faint; in everything to give thanks, and offer up the sacrifice of praise continually; to rejoice in hope of your glory; to possess our souls in patience; and to learn in whatsoever state we are, there to be content. Amen.

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