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Sowing and Reaping


Written by Aaron D’Anthony Brown, a contemporary writer, teacher, and visual artist.

One of the most frustrating parts about being a Christian is watching others be applauded for wrongdoing while we feel ignored for doing good. Sometimes we feel this at work, in the classroom, or even on the dating scene. If we’re good people, why aren’t we recognized? Are we not as good as we think? Maybe, and that’s always something to consider, though the issue could be a matter of perspective. Are we seeking the admiration of others and some sort of prize, or are we content with having God’s approval? Sowing and reaping are not always as simple as two plus two. Sometimes we get what we deserve, sometimes not. One thing’s for certain, however, “we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.” That could be tomorrow, years down the road, or in the next life.  As Christians, we want to ensure that what we reap is good. But what exactly are sowing and reaping? In the spiritual context, sowing is to do something, and reaping is to receive the consequence of that action. Think cause and effect. Christians are tasked with sowing and reaping fruits of the Spirit: kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and more. Therefore, we sow through every word and every deed every single day. Scripture speaks to believers, though, everyone participates in sowing and reaping, whether we are Christian or not, and whether we believe in God or not. The question is, what are we sowing, and what are we reaping? This is something to consider in all areas of our lives and in all of our relationships. … This brings us back to an earlier question – are we seeking the admiration of others and some sort of prize, or are we content with having God’s approval? Ideally, Christians sow because of a desire to serve God and others, not for selfish vainglory. We find contentment in sowing regardless of what acknowledgment we receive. By sowing to the Spirit, we perform good deeds with the hope of receiving positive results. This idea of sowing and reaping is especially important because Jesus commands us to abide in Him. He calls Himself the vine, and we are the vine’s branches. We reveal our faith when we produce fruit. The only way to produce fruit is to sow. Do we always get what we deserve? No.  We may think we want the answer to be always, but when we consider ourselves flawed and sinful, we likely reconsider. If we always got what we deserved surely, there would be plenty of good things that resulted from our good deeds, but there would also be plenty of consequences that result from our daily sins. That’s why God commands us to avoid sin and do good things. Good deeds produce good fruit. Not always immediately. Not always in the way that we expect. Not always for our own enjoyment, but blessings do result from following Christ. In due season, we reap what we sow.


Written by E. A. Adeboye, a contemporary pastor and author.

Father,  thank You for the secret of sowing and reaping which Your Word has revealed to us! Thank You because every seed we sow we sow as Stewards of the Lord! We Trust and obey You for how and where to sow!  Amen.

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