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Running the Race


Written by Jacquelyn Sheppard, a contemporary educator and writer.

It’s not the beginning of the race that is difficult. The hardest part of the race is just before we cross the finish line. We start out, fresh and lively, confident as we set our pace. But, somewhere along the way, we begin to grow tired and weary. Our feet and legs seem like wood and we stumble along, grasping with our hands to keep from falling. Sometimes we are blessed with a “second wind” and we pick up the pace and run faster, gaining strides and making up for lost time. At other times, just before we hit the ground, we feel a strong arm or someone’s prayers that lifts us up until we are back in the race. Sometimes we look around to see those who took themselves out of the race and it causes us to doubt our own strength. “If they fell, how can I succeed?” we ask. Yet, it’s not how another runs the race that determines our success. No, it’s whether or not we keep our eyes on Jesus and run toward the finish line—even when we can’t see it. It’s His face that we must keep before us regardless of what the world says or does and regardless of how badly our feet are hurting. We run on—because of the cross and for the crown.


Adapted from a prayer written by Mark Herringshaw, a contemporary writer, speaker, and spiritual life coach.

God, you have chosen to give me this race of life, and I run to complete the course and honor you. The way is long and sometimes treacherous. Often I grow exhausted. Sometimes I want to quit. But I have a finish line to cross; I run to get there. You have given me the gift of movement. As I fly along the ground let me soak in the richness of the world you have created. Give me patience when I can’t do all I wish to do. Give me courage to push harder and further than my first instincts want. Help me to strike the balance between rest and reach. Teach me lessons. Show me your character and perseverance by putting a new and deeper perseverance into me.  I run the race you have set for me. I will not stop short. I will complete your course, for your honor Jesus.

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