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Written by Ken Boa, a contemporary teacher, writer, speaker, and founder of Reflections Ministries. This is an excerpt from his book “Handbook to Wisdom.”

When we contemplate the gracefulness of a flower or the grandeur of a tree, we properly respond with aesthetic admiration. Similarly, we respond to our pets with personal affection, and at times to other people with self-giving love. If nature is worthy of admiration, animals of affection, and human beings of sacrificial love, how then should we respond to the infinite and personal Author of all biological and spiritual life? The biblical answer is clear – God alone is worthy of worship. Blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever belong to the Creator and Redeemer. He has given us many precious and wonderful promises in Scripture about His principles, presence, provision, protection, plan, and preparation. And one of them is this: God is preparing a place for you and for me so that we can live with Him forever.


Written by Ken Boa, the author of today’s meditation.

Lord Jesus, Your love and care for me is beyond my imagination. I can barely comprehend that You have prepared a special place for me in Your Father’s house. As I pause throughout the day, I will dream of the warmth and beauty of my heavenly home and with joy and excitement, I will anticipate the day when I shall meet You there and speak with You face to face. Amen.

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