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Formed and Seasoned


Written by Anthony de Mello (1931-1987), an Indian Jesuit priest, spiritual teacher, writer, and public speaker. This is an excerpt from his book “Contact with God.”

Here, then, is another reason why apostles withdraw to make a retreat: they need to be charged with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to those who watch and pray and wait patiently, those who have the courage to get away from everything and come to grips with themselves and with God in solitude and silence. No wonder every one of the great prophets, indeed Jesus himself, retired to the desert for prolonged periods of silence, praying, fasting, wrestling with the forces of evil. The desert is the furnace where the apostle and the prophet are forged. The desert, not the marketplace. The marketplace is where apostles function. The desert is where they are formed and seasoned and receive their commission and their message for the world, “their” gospel.


Written by Mother Teresa (1910-1997), a nun and missionary who served the poor of Calcutta. This is an excerpt from her book “No Greater Love.”

We cannot find God in noise and agitation.

Nature: trees, flowers, and grass grow in silence.

The stars, the moon, and the sun move in silence.

What is essential is not what we say

but what God tells us and what He tells others through us.

In silence He listens to us;

in silence He speaks to our souls.

In silence we are granted

the privilege of listening to His voice.

Silence of our eyes.

Silence of our ears.

Silence of our mouths.

Silence of our minds.

…in the silence of the heart

God will speak.

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