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Truth Over Lies


Written by Betsy St. Amant, a contemporary writer and novelist.

Spoiler alert—not every thought we think is true. This seems obvious, but if you’re like me, you need constant reminders of that fact. Just because something pops in my head doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because I think it doesn’t mean it’s accurate. I tend to fall into this a lot when it comes to anxiety. I think a thought, maybe something about my health, or I assume something that happens is a “sign” or a warning, and before I know it, my train of thought is careening out of control down the track…When we’re not in fellowship with the Holy Spirit because of unconfessed sin or are caught up in the lure of the world, we are much more prone to drifting into a negative, condemning head space. But what about those times we’re progressing positively along in our spiritual walk and still hear the lies? Remember, at the end of the day, Satan is our accuser…He loves to throw lies at us, leaving us to wallow in the confusion and self-condemnation that inevitably comes in his wake. Most of the time, his lies are as subtle as a whisper. But man, are they sticky!  As a fiction author, I often make time to read reviews and see what readers are saying about my latest novel. I could read twenty good reviews and one negative one, and guess which one I’m going to dwell on the most? The negative is what sticks.  When we listen to lies and believe them, we start to operate out of them and view everything around us through that lens. Then we spiral into creating self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, if I focus solely on that one bad review rather than on the good ones, I will start to believe the lie that I’m not a good writer. Then I’m more likely to be tempted to give up on the ministry of writing God has created me for. If I stop exercising the gift of writing, and stop learning and growing in my craft, then I eventually will become a poor writer, See how quickly lies can escalate and propel us into bad decisions?  You’re probably not an author reading your own reviews, but you have your Thing, whatever that may be. Your insecurity might nest in your career or in your role as a parent. Maybe you hear lies about your singing voice in the choir at church or about your ability at your job. Your lies might come in the form of guilt over not doing more or not being a good spouse or a good caretaker. Whatever it is, step back and asked yourself if those accusations are from the Lord. I can almost guarantee you they are not, because when the Holy Spirit convicts, He nudges us gently with truth and in love. Conviction is not the same as condemnation. Are you feeling convicted, or guilty? The Bible tells us the truth will set us free…It also says that Jesus Himself is the truth. When the lies come, ask yourself—what is truth? The only way to know is to come back to God’s Word. What does the Bible say about your situation? What does Scripture reveal about your thoughts? When we confront lies with the gospel, they tend to fade away. They can’t hold up to the piercing light of Truth. The world is eager today to assure us with vain, empty platitudes of “you’re enough.” But the truth is, we’re not enough. Without Christ, we are nothing and have nothing to offer. But in Him, we live and move and have our being! Only the gospel can truly realign our hearts and our thoughts. Not the well wishes from the world, not the false security of empty praise, and surely not the false doctrine that we are worthy of our own accord.


Written by Max Lucado, a contemporary pastor and author.

Guide me today, Holy Spirit. Show me where you want me to go, whom you want me to talk to, what decision you want me to make. Help me discern your voice over my own and others’. Walk closely with me and whisper truth to me. Forgive me when I listen to my own desires and ignore what you are telling me. Amen.

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