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A Time-full Life


Written by Richard J. Foster, a contemporary retired pastor, author, and head of Renovare, an organization that focuses on spiritual formation.

The post-modern person is addicted to haste, hurry, hustle. And the addiction shrivels our soul. Our desperate need today is for a time-full life. When we are fractured and fragmented with ​“muchness” and ​“manyness” we cannot experience a time-full life. When we chaff under the ​“slowness” of our microwaves and our computers it becomes nearly impossible for us to obey the divine Whisper, ​“Be still and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10). Some things simply will not yield to our perpetual hankering for the instant, the immediate, the sudden. Surely the growth of our soul before God is one of those things. Time … time and space … time and space and stillness … these are the tools God uses to build a patient endurance within us. One of the most repeated counsels given in Scripture is the simple admonition to ​“Wait upon the Lord.” But we will never even see this as a good thing until we enter a time-full life. In one memorable passage, Kelly says, ​“I find that God never leads us into an intolerable scramble of panting feverishness.” May you … may I … enter that stillness of soul which alone can cultivate a time-full life.


Written by Jan Bentham, a contemporary Christian educator and author.

Lord, in quiet times, we see your face and we feel your holy presence. In busy and hectic times, we tend to run aimlessly away from your help. In our most fatigued and stressful times, we need you most. Send us your calming spirit. Lighten our hearts, Lord. Help us to work in a spirit of wisdom, overcoming the stress that can slow us down Lord. Jesus, may your life always stand before us. You call us to a ministry that is sometimes overwhelming. Slow us dow to see your face and to feel your hand upon our shoulder. Amen.

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