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Christian Vision


Written by Randy Frazee, a contemporary pastor, author, and teacher. This is an excerpt from his book “Believe 365.”

Can you remember the first time you donned a pair of polarized sunglasses? If you’re like me, you took them off and put them back on several times because you couldn’t believe the difference they made in what you saw. Cutting down on glare gives objects clarity and makes colors more vivid. As Christians, what we believe – or the internal lens of our mind—impacts how we live and who we become. For example: If you view God as personal and involved in your daily life, you will experience more joy. If you see people as God sees them (belief in humanity), you will become gentler toward others. If you believe that everything you are and own belongs to God (belief in stewardship), you will more naturally offer your time and resources to help others. Jesus desires to give us new internal lenses by transforming our minds. He does this as we firmly establish ourselves in what we believe. You [can] begin a journey of renewing your mind. As you meditate on what you believe, you will adopt a worldview that profoundly reduces glare and reveals clarity about how you should act to become more like Jesus. Soon others will notice the vivid difference. Hopefully, you will too!


Written by Victoria Riollano, a contemporary author, speaker, and professor.

Dear Lord, I thank you for that you are omnipotent. You have all power and glory in your hands. I thank you that you hear my cries and that you know exactly what I need. Father, I thank you for helping me to see again. Help me to see your heart, your plan, and your goodness. Even when I don’t understand, help me to praise you beyond what my natural eyes can see. I trust you for every step. In Jesus name. Amen.

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