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Reflection on Zechariah


Written by Derrek Busha a contemporary pastor of counseling and Brynn James, a contemporary author.

It’s been 400 years since Israel has heard from Yahweh. They have hung on to the promise that the day of the Lord is coming. They believe that there will be a Messiah and one who precedes him to prepare the way.  This is where we find Zechariah. He is faithfully tending to his duties in worship at the Temple when he encounters an angel, who brings the good news that the old Zechariah and his barren wife shall finally have a son. The angel tells Zechariah that his son’s name is to be John, and that John will fulfill God’s promise! 

You would think that Zechariah would respond with joy and gladness at the angel’s news. But instead, he seems skeptical, almost doubtful, as he responds: “How shall I know this? I am old, and my wife is advanced in years.” The angel informs him that because of his disbelief, he will be struck with muteness, unable to speak, to explain, or communicate what is happening until his son arrives.  So, Zechariah is left to wait—for nine months. He is left to ponder. All he can do is wait with intense hope and anticipation—anticipation that grows in strength all the way up to the day that his son arrives. 

Zechariah gets to speak again when his son is born. And the words that he speaks are of even better news to come. Zechariah’s waiting reminds us of Israel’s waiting. But unlike his growing anticipation, Israel’s doubt festered over a long period of time. There should have been anticipation while waiting on God to act. But because of their disbelief, they are left to wait a bit longer, and a bit longer…until the right time for God to enter back into their story. Like Zechariah, Israel doubted. But God’s Word was able to fill them with hope and salvation. This Advent, may we find hope and encouragement. And may we also find words to proclaim that God has broken the silence and has given us his Word in Christ.

SCRIPTURE: Luke 1: 5-23; 67-79

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