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Written by Arthur Schoonveld, a retired minister.

Some years ago, I became acquainted with a man having a garage sale, and he told me his life’s story. Since his divorce some 30 years earlier, he had become a hermit. No family member, no friend, no church in a city with hundreds of churches had bothered to contact him during that entire time. In his own words, he said what the man at the pool said to Jesus: “I have no one …Through that unplanned conversation, he became a family friend. He joined us for our Christmas dinner, and he even asked if he could go to church with us.

The Lord Jesus cares about people who have no one in their lives. He cares about those who live in nursing homes. He cares about the person living by herself. He cares about that challenged person who is looking for a friend. There may be someone in your neighborhood who needs you for a friend. Maybe someone you work with needs a place to celebrate Christmas dinner. Perhaps you need to take someone out for coffee or for lunch this season. Don’t put it off. Look around today. Take time to leave your comfortable surroundings and find someone who has no one.


Written by Arthur Schoonveld, author of today’s meditation.

Lord God, help us to look around to find someone who is without family or friends. Teach us how to care and share in your name. For Jesus’s sake, Amen.

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