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The Tyranny of Things


Written by Albert Edward Day (1884-1972), a Methodist minister, lecturer, and author. This is an excerpt from his book “From Discipline and Discovery.”

Things tyrannize over us. Money, clothes, houses, furniture, food, automobiles—all the material paraphernalia of existence—captivate our interests and dominate our thoughts. “To have” concerns us a great deal more than “to be.” Few of us have attained the freedom from things.  The proof of our thing-mindedness is very easy. Try for five minutes to give God the “loving attention,” which is the essence of true prayer. You will find your mind reverting over and over to things—to what you are wearing or what you would like to wear, to what you had for breakfast or what you want for lunch, to the salary you receive or the increase you are seeking, to the house you live in or the house you are trying to find, to the condition of your car or the prospect of a new one! With amazing frequency, things in some fashion will insert themselves into your brief effort to keep you mind fixed on God.


Written by Emilie Griffin, a contemporary American author who writes about religious experience and spiritual life.

Dear Christ, teach me to love your world and everyone in it. May I love with an unworldly love. Let me understand the godly use of material things, to delight rightly in your creation. May I remember those words from John’s first letter: “Those who do the will of God live forever.” Amen.

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