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Handmade Nativity


Written by Arlene Stamper

It was fall of 1969. My husband and I and our two-year-old daughter were living in a one-bedroom apartment in Anaheim CA. We were blocks away from Disneyland where we would watch the fireworks in the evenings from our little patio. 

After walking my daughter in her stroller one day, I spotted a hobby shop. They had the most beautiful nativity scene out on display!  Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. The three Wisemen and the Shepherd. The statues were each about a foot tall and burnished a rich gold.

Being a young married couple, Jerry and I did not have many Christmas decorations. In fact, we were still using the aluminum foil Christmas tree my folks had purchased in 1959!  So, I went into that hobby shop and signed up to make that nativity! I took weekly classes and learned how to make a wire form for each figure, drape and form the fabric for their clothing, and then finally burnish them. It was a proud moment when I applied the gold leaf just in time for Christmas!

This nativity has travelled to three different homes we have lived in over the years. Although we have received and purchased many Christmas decorations over the years, our first Nativity continues to bless and remind me of the real reason for Christmas.

SCRIPTURE: Isaiah 7:10-14


Performed by Home Free

The Stamper Family Nativity

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