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God Knows Our Wish List


Written by Laura Georgakakos, a contemporary editor and writer. This is an excerpt from her book “Grace Notes.”

While my friend Meg was on vacation years ago, I was at her apartment each day to feed her cat. On the first day, opening a kitchen drawer in search of a can opener, I found instead an index card titled “My Wish List.” It was Meg’s list of the little things she eventually wanted to get for her new apartment. A peach-scented candle for the bathroom, a two-cup measuring cup…It was easy on her birthday soon after to surprise Meg with the things she most wanted. She marveled at each gift before I told her the secret of my inspiration. The Lord knows our wish lists by heart. We secretly suspect that committing to live for Him means having to lay aside our list and take up His for us—a list with nothing fun on it but only lots of religious activity and good deeds. A list without humor or music or dessert. A list with nothing frivolous on it or peach-scented. A list that will require a grim face and loads of self-discipline and elbow grease. A list that calls for sensible shoes. We mourn in advance all the loved things we suspect we will be required to give up. If we find such delight in them they must be selfish and not good for us, not spiritual. Riding our horse. Painting. Reading, solving a puzzle, playing music, tackling a challenge at work, having a party, running a marathon, playing Monopoly with our kids, looking at art. Debating politics. Napping. Rapping. But growing into our Christ-life is gain, not loss. It is the fulfillment of our truest self, not subjugation of it. The God who promises to give you the desires of your heart is the very God who created that heart. And as He created it, He was kneading into it every desire and longing your heart would ever have. It was His way of seeing you right into His plans for you, the plan perfectly suited to your passions and personality, experiences, and talents. The Lord God made them all. And He did so for the joy of fulfilling your life, not to deny or frustrate you. His plan for you preceded you. His will for your life preceded your desires and passions and talents. He composed those as the means of drawing you into His plan. The delights of your heart were His invention. Your joy is His intention. There will be delights we lay aside along the way but they will be relinquished willingly and by choice because something else has grown up to take their place. The Lord will not have His way at the expense of His children but rather through them—through the passions and inclinations and talents that He himself planted in our hearts for this very purpose.


Written by Laura Georgakakos, the author of today’s meditation.

Lord, forgive my narrow view that sometimes sees life with You as loss to me. For all you are doing in me, through me, than You. For renewing my mind, for refocusing my eyes, for refining my tastes, thank You. More and more You are mine. More and more I am Yours. Amen.

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