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Fear Not


Written by Shelley Langelaar, a contemporary author and addiction counselor.

God wants to have a relationship with you. Yes, you! God is all about relationship – in fact that is why Jesus hung on a cross – to bridge the gap between us and the Father. Some people shy away from this relationship as they don’t believe that they are worthy of it — Jesus is the One that makes you worthy. Other people shy away out of fear — fear of the unknown — fear of having to give things up — fear of ___________(fill in the blank). God continuously tells us in His Word to fear not, [that God will uphold us]. …Abiding in Christ is to have a close relationship with Him. It involves intimacy. Abiding in Christ is not merely acknowledging that He exists but being one with Him. In order to be truly intimate with someone we need to get to know that person at a deeper level. Having a relationship with another involves both people engaging in the relationship. Without dual engagement the relationship will falter. It is important to remember that when we abide in Him, He in turn abides in us. Abiding in Christ involves trust and submission.


Written by Mary Southerland, a contemporary writer and speaker.

Father, my heart is filled with fear.  It seems like I am drowning in the uncertainties of my life.  Lord, help me to surrender my fears to You.  Strengthen me to face each one and walk through it, knowing that You are with me. I choose to trust You and doubt my fears.  I choose against stress and for peace.  I choose You, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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