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Christ’s Obedience


Written by Andrew Murray (1828-1917), a South African writer, teacher, and pastor.

“Through the obedience of the One shall the many be made righteous.” These words tell us what we owe to Christ. As in Adam, we were made sinners, in Christ we are made righteous. The words tell us, too, to what in Christ it is we owe our righteousness. As Adam’s disobedience made us sinners, the obedience of Christ makes us righteous. To the obedience of Christ we owe everything. Among the treasures of our inheritance in Christ this is one of the richest…You are familiar with the blessed truth of justification by faith…The object of Christ’s life of obedience was threefold: 1) As an example, to show us what true obedience was. 2) As our surety, by His obedience to fulfill all righteousness for us. 3) As our Head, to prepare a new and obedient nature to impart to us. So He died, too, to show us that His obedience means a readiness to obey to the uttermost, to die for God; that it means the vicarious endurance and atonement of the guilt of our disobedience; that it means a death to sin as an entrance to the life of God for Him and for us.


Written by Paul H. Ashby, a contemporary English author, chaplain, and minister.

Your salvation, Lord God, may be beyond our full comprehension, but it is real and true. So we praise You for Your glorious love and for making it real through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! May we seek to know as much about this as possible; but more than that, may we receive its truth and live by it, throughout our lives: AMEN.

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