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Right In Our Own Eyes


Written by Philip Wijaya, contemporary Christian student and author. This is an excerpt from his work “What is Righteousness?”

As we live in a world where people tend to believe that their ways are right in their own eyes, we find it is hard for many to accept the absolute standard of righteousness. True or false becomes relative, and many believe they can do whatever they think or feel is right…Righteousness, in human standards, is defined as “the quality of being morally true or justifiable.” The justification is made according to the conformity of behavior with the regulation (or constitution, in the context of a nation). In its deeper spiritual meaning, righteousness is the quality of being right in the eyes of God, including character (nature), conscience (attitude), conduct (action), and command (word). Righteousness is, therefore, based upon God’s standard because He is the ultimate Lawgiver …  Righteousness is a God-centered attribute: no man can attain it through his own efforts apart from His ordinance. We, humans, are inclined to follow our own paths and use our own ways, instead of God’s. (Notice that this selfish desire for independence from God is in our nature, we need nobody to teach us that, but we always need the discipline to remain faithful in the path of God). Righteousness is not being legalistic — it is not about our achievements in “God’s school of law.” Righteousness is a wonderful gift from God to humanity through Christ’s act of love… In Christ, we are forever loved by God unconditionally. We are accepted and justified not by our own goodness but by the perfect love of God. This grace and mercy of God does not mean a license to sin (of course!). Having been so tremendously loved by the Heavenly Father, we are to express our gratefulness by continuously living in His righteousness. To God be the glory! 


From the Sarum Primer, a book of prayers and Christian worship resources from the 1500s, collected at the Salisbury Cathedral.

Almighty God,

fountain of eternal light,

send forth your truth into our hearts,

and pour on us the glory of your brightness;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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