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Right Relationship


Written by Rick Warren, a contemporary evangelical pastor and author.

Righteousness is a big word in the Bible. It’s used hundreds of times. The Bible says that God loves righteousness, and that God is righteous. It says that one day God is going to judge the world in righteousness. Psalm 23 says that God leads us in the paths of righteousness. So what in the world does this word mean? I once looked it up in a theological dictionary, and its definition went on for 27 pages! But I’ll boil it down to two things: Righteousness is a relationship and a lifestyle. Righteousness simply means being right with God. The Good News is that God made us right with himself through Jesus’ death as a payment for our sins. Because of Jesus’ death, we can have a personal relationship with God. Righteousness is also a lifestyle. It means living right as God intends.

So why should you care about being right with God? Because it’s the only way to live. When you are disconnected from God, you’re not really living; you just exist. Most people in the world aren’t really fully alive. They just exist, trying to make it to the weekend. But to be disconnected from your Creator who made you for a purpose is nonsense. Life is not about the acquisition of things or the achievement of goals. Life is about getting to know God—the one who loves you and made you for a purpose. You’re not really living until you’re right with God and have a relationship with him. You can’t blame God, because he gives you the choice right now to have a relationship with him. He wants you to choose to love him! And when you do, you will be made right with him. It will change your life—here on earth and for eternity!


From the Roman Breviary, the book of the Latin liturgical rites of the Catholic Church. Published in 1482, it became known as the Liturgy of the Hours.

Most gracious God,

to know and love your will is righteousness,

enlighten our souls with the brightness of your presence,

that we may both know your will and be enabled to perform it;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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