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Making Things Right


Written by James C. Fenhagen, an Episcopal rector, author, theological educator, seminary president, and lecturer. This is an excerpt from his book “Invitation to Holiness.” ritten by Rick Warren, a contemporary evangelical pastor and author.

The biblical use of the word “righteousness” is the moral equivalent of what we mean when we speak of holiness. It incorporates such concerns as a passion for justice and a concern for truth along with the need to live an ethically responsible life. It involves reflecting in what we do the Christian moral vision by which we understand who we are. Righteousness is the human expression of holiness embodying a vision rooted in moral perspective. In the New Testament the same word is used for righteousness that is used for justification. As New Testament scholar John Koenig puts it, righteousness is God making things right.”


From the Sarum Primer, a book of prayers and Christian worship resources from the 1500s, collected at the Salisbury Cathedral.

O God of strength,

you surpass all understanding,

and you mercifully give your people mercy and judgment.

Empower us to faithfully love you,

and to walk this day in the way of righteousness through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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