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God’s Righteousness


Written by Dr. Bill Bright (1921-2003), an American evangelist, author, and founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. This is an excerpt from his book “The Joy of Trusting God.”

God’s holiness and His righteousness are not the same. Holiness is a condition of purity or freedom from sin. God’s righteousness is the quality or attribute of God that causes Him to act in accordance with His own nature, will, and law. In other words, holiness describes God’s nature; righteousness describes how God acts according to His holiness. God’s laws are holy because they come from His nature. God’s standards for enforcing His laws are always righteous.

Everything God does is perfectly right in every way…For God, righteousness is not an external standard that He must adhere to; righteousness is part of His very nature. It is impossible for God to do anything wrong. He has never made a wrong determination. He has never had to reverse a decision when He learned more facts. God does not struggle with right and wrong…His laws reflect His own righteous nature and the moral perfection of His character. Cultural bias, a lack of knowledge, or any other factor does not alter His rulings…His laws lay out the responsibilities for which God holds us accountable. They serve as a yardstick by which God measures our righteousness. When His laws are broken, He must punish anyone who defies His righteous laws…His righteous laws focus on standards for acting rightly toward one another…We cannot live righteously without the enabling of the Holy Spirit, and His power is released through our faith.


The prayer today is from a collect (short general prayer used in Christian liturgy) from the 6th century.

O Sun of Righteousness and the Light Eternal,

you give gladness to all things!

Shine on us both now and forever

that we may walk always in the light of your presence;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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