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Letting Go


Written by John Van Schepen, a contemporary retired pastor and author.  

Children, what would you say if I asked you to throw your most treasured toy into the garbage? Young people, as you look to the future, imagine being asked to forget about one of your main goals, such as marriage or a college education. And what about the things you have right now? Is your most prized possession a car? A career? Your stock portfolio? Could you consider them rubbish right now? Really?

Paul was one of the most successful young men in his community. He had the right credentials by birth, learning, and life experience. Yet he was willing to consider it all rubbish. Why? Certainly not for an easier life or for fame and glory. He knew that letting go was the only way to receive God’s gift of righteousness through faith in Christ.

Are you holding on to something that is preventing you from stretching out your hand to receive God’s gift of righteousness by faith? This gift includes the forgiveness of sins, a new life of service to the Lord, and eternal life. Everything you have or might like to have pales in comparison to the gift of God’s righteousness through faith in Christ. Receive him as Lord, and the gift of his righteousness will be yours.


Written by William Barclay (1907-1978), a Scottish author, radio and television presenter, professor of Divinity, and minister in the Church of Scotland.

Grant, O God, that we may never lose the way through our self-will, and so end up in the far countries of the soul; that we may never abandon the struggle, but that we may endure to the end, and so be saved; that we may never drop out of the race, but that we may ever press forward to the goal of our high calling; that we may never choose the cheap and passing things, and let go the precious things that last forever. that we may never take the easy way, and so leave the right way; that we may never forget that sweat is the price of all things, and that without the cross, there cannot be the crown. Amen.

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