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God’s Divine Might


Written  by Cindy Trimm, a contemporary speaker, author, and advocate. This is an excerpt from her work “Walking in Supernatural Power and Authority.”

The word for authority in Greek is “exousia”…which,  according to Strong’s Concordance means, “authority, especially moral authority, influence, (b) of a spiritual power, and hence of an earthly power: right or privilege, conferredpower; delegated empowerment (authorization): delegated power as in authority God gives to His saints.” So what can we glean from this word study?  Spiritual maturity gives you the divine right to exercise God’s divine might!  If I were to ask you, “How is the power of God being manifested in your life?”…what would your answer be? If you’re not seeing God’s power evidenced in your everyday life, I would challenge you to consider where you are in the spiritual maturation process. Consider whether your lack of answers or breakthroughs or whatever it is you need that isn’t transpiring is a power problem or an authority problem…God’s will is that you mature spiritually so you can walk in the kind of authority that allows you to wield the power He has made available through His death and resurrection, This type of spiritual growth is a process. It requires intentionality. It requires you to be deliberate about what you are thinking, studying, speaking, pursuing, and doing. You ware always one decision away from walking in the fullness God has for you.


Written by Luci Shaw is a contemporary American writer of poetry and essays.

Lord Jesus, you gave away your divine power to become enfleshed–one of us. Help us to give away what power we receive from you, that we, though insignificant, may be like showers of refreshing water to those around us. Amen.

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