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Agreeing With God


Written by Jimmy Ray Lee, a contemporary American pastor.  This is an excerpt from his book “Stepping into Freedom.”

The only way we can walk with God is to agree with him. Agreeing with God and walking with God go hand in hand. Walking with God means being in harmony with him and his Word, the Bible. Two people cannot walk together unless they are in agreement. If they are not walking in harmony, they are not going in the same direction . . . their goals are different . . . friction grows . . . and communication deteriorates. This is true not only of a relationship between two people–it’s also true of our relationship with God. If we don’t agree with his promises and commands in the Bible, we won’t be moving in his direction. We will want our way, not his. And we will neglect prayer . . . our communication with him. The only way to live an overcoming life is to walk in harmony with our Lord, knowing that we cannot change ourselves. As we obey and trust him, he changes us.


Written by Luci Shaw, a contemporary American writer of poetry and essays.

Mighty One, as the God who is with us, quench all doubt within us. Reassert yourself in us, in all your creative power and glory. As we remember how your Son gave up that authority to be born and to walk with us on earth, may our love and loyalty rise up to you, strong and certain, to reassure you that we are indeed your creatures. More — we are your sons and daughters. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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