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Today’s reflection  is an excerpt from the  book “Seeking God’s Peace in a Nuclear Age: A Call to Disciples of Christ.”

As members of churches we are also members of other groups and institutions –political parties, economic organizations, regional, and national associations. Each of these constituencies has its vested interests, its value systems, and its authority figures. We cannot deny our participation in these groups; in fact, it is of the utmost importance that these memberships be acknowledged, lest we become unconsciously possessed by them. But the challenge before us as followers of Jesus Christ is to make conscious decisions, as Christians, honoring our commitment to Him above the claims and assumptions of every other authority.


Written by Francis de Sales (1567-1622), Bishop of Geneva. He was known for his deep faith and gentle approach to the religious divisions resulting from the Reformation. He wrote on the topic of spiritual direction and formation.

Lord, I am yours, and I must belong to no one but you. My soul is yours, and must live only by you. My will is yours, and must love only for you. I must love you as my first cause, since I am from you. I must love you as my end and rest, since I am for you. I must love you more than my own being, since my being subsists by you. I must love you more than myself, since I am all yours and all in you. Amen.

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