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Written by Colin Smith, a contemporary American pastor.

Harmony, as all musicians know, is a pleasing arrangement of different parts. You get harmony when different notes are brought together in such a way that one note complements another. Harmony is not unison. You don’t get harmony by everyone playing the same note. Harmony does not mean everyone thinks the same nor does the same. And harmony is not discord. Discord is when notes are brought together in such a way that one note diminishes another. To live in harmony with one another is to live in such a way that you enrich and complement each other. Together you are more than any of you would be on your own. There is a display of beauty that comes from taking what is distinct and different and making it one. We see this in the nature of God. There is one God and he is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is one in nature, in purpose, and in love. There is a beauty, a glory, a peace, a joy, a blessing, a harmony that we see in God and that flows from God. When God says, “Live in harmony with one another,” the “one another” are Christian brothers and sisters, redeemed by Christ, and brought together in the family of God. Here is a distinct calling that we have as Christians: Live in harmony. Is there anything that is more desperately needed in our world today than this? Our country is tired of polarization, division, and conflict over race and religion and money. The world desperately needs to see something different, and God says, “Let it be seen in the church!” Who are you struggling to live in harmony with?


Written by Debbie McDaniel, a contemporary Christian writer.

Dear God, we ask that you fill us with your Spirit of love and unity among believers all across this nation. We ask for your help to set aside our differences and look to the greater cause, the cause of Christ. We ask that you would help us to truly live a life of love. We know that this is only possible through the power of your Spirit, so we pray for your Spirit to move across our land in fresh ways. Turn your people back to you. Draw others to come to know you. Thank you that you are always with us to give us great purpose and hope. We pray for our families, for every relationship most dear to us, that you would guard our time, and our lives together. We ask for your ability to quickly forgive hurts, for a renewed heart of compassion, for love and faithfulness to be evident in every decision and action.

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