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Ambassadors for God


Written by Joyce Meyer, a contemporary American Charismatic Christian author and speaker.  This is an excerpt from her book “My Time With God.”

God has brought us into harmony with Himself, and His desire is to work through us to do the same thing for the multitudes that are separated from Him and living in darkness. What a great privilege it is to bring people to God! Life lived out of harmony with God is a miserable life. It is one filled with sin, darkness, fear, anger, confusion, and never-ending disappointment. It is one lived without the awareness of God. I remember living a life like that, and I will be forever grateful for the new life that Jesus has provided for me. Let’s be thankful today that we’re aware of God and that we can come to Him without fear of rejection. Ask yourself: Are people being brought to God by my words and deeds? I pray that they are! We have an amazing opportunity to partner with God in the reconciliation of the lost people in this world. We are ambassadors for God, and as such, we represent Him in the earth today. God is making His appeal to the world through us. Working with and for God is the greatest privilege that anyone could ever have. Let the people around you see Christ shining through you today!


Written by Cheryce Rampersad, contemporary Christian author and contributor to the ChristiansTT prayer website.

Almighty Father, Creator of the universe, I approach Your Heavenly Gates with a grateful heart. I bless Your Holy Name and submit the honor and praise that is due unto You.  Beautiful Lord, I was created in your image, fearfully and wonderfully made to be the light in this dark world. Father, please guide me in a plain path of righteousness according to Your will and glory. You are the Omnipotent Potter and I am the clay. Shape me, mold me, use me, and fill me each and every day to become more like Christ. Amen.

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